About Us

To provide appropriate medical care to patients in the comfort of their own homes, that is the goal of Home Doctors Melbourne. Medical attention that is affordable, efficient, and more convenient for the patients is what we are striving to offer. This not only helps provide comfort and convenience to our clients but also help our hospitals reduce the congestion on hospital emergency departments from patients who need urgent care for acute but non-life-threatening situations.

Medical Attention Whenever You Need It Most

Most of our callers are relatives, co-workers, parents, or caregivers of the patients. How stressful do worrying for the welfare of a loved one would be if the medical problem happens in the wee hours of the night, or when your family doctor is on vacation. Imagine the long line and waiting time you would have to endure in a hospital; emergency departments so as to get medical attention. These hassles and burdens will all be forgotten because Home Doctors Melbourne is not here to assist you anytime you need urgent care for not-so-serious medical problems.

Home doctors in Melbourne do not intend to take the place of your family doctor or general practice doctor. They have seen and examined you for a long time so your medical history is in their care. You also established a comfortable and trusting relationship with them so open communication will still be more effective with your GP. Your overall health will then still be best monitored and maintained by a family doctor. Our home doctor service will only complement your GP’s medical services when they are unavailable. We believe that effective communication and collaboration provide the best opportunity to enhance the welfare of others.

The Best On-Call Doctors in Melbourne

Our Home Doctors Melbourne medical providers are professional doctors who have the needed skills and training to handle medical situations within the confines of your home. They are calm, focused, observant and along with their clinical skills and knowledge, our on-call doctors are well-trained to have “bedside manners”, being empathetic and becoming the relaxing figure to calm worried family members, patients, or even caregivers.

Our doctors are experienced in dealing with all kinds of patients, no matter the age group. Caring for the elderly and infants may be tricky because their condition may worsen or get better in an instant, so it is really important that the medical provider knows what to do and can expect any scenario, good or bad, that could happen. Only trained and experienced on-call doctors like the ones at Home Doctors Melbourne can do the job.

We have the experience, medical personnel, and technology to guarantee exceptional quality medical services. We work as a trusted partner of family doctors and general practitioners (GPs) to complement, not compete with, their medical business and services.

We can’t stress this enough; we believe that the best place to receive medical care is through your regular doctor and family doctor. But when they are not available and you have non-emergency situations that need urgent care and cannot be put for tomorrow, medical care should still be available for patients in their homes or residential aged care facility. Home Doctors Melbourne employ qualified and experienced medical staff who will triage your calls and relay details to our on-call doctors. They will then proceed to your address and assess your condition, providing the medical treatment where needed. This effective and systematic flow of our organization makes us one of the best home doctor service providers in Melbourne.

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