Remember that excruciating back pain you had one night years ago that you endured until the next day so that you can let your GP check it out? Or the all-night crying time of your baby that made you rush to the emergency department only to find out that she needed to poop? These are just some of the instances where you had to sacrifice your comfort worthlessly if you only knew about the home doctor services. But you may ask, what traits should an after hours GP near me have? Let’s all find out.


An after hours GP near me should be a professional

As an on-call doctor who does home visits, an after-hours GP near me is expected to be a professional medical doctor. He must be board-certified and recognised by different medical associations to legitimise his profession. He should also act like a professional – intelligent, attentive, organised, respectable, etc. – traits that would make his patients believe his every word and follow his every instruction.



An after hours GP near me should be compassionate

Some patients who need home doctor services are inflicted with a debilitating illness that prevents them from travelling to the hospital; bedridden patients in hospices or nursing homes who needed urgent care but whose conditions are not deemed life-threatening. Or some calls are from worried and anxious parents of sick babies who have been crying all night. They should have a home doctor who shows sincerity and concern, not a robot doctor who is apathetic and lacks emotion. More than the diagnosis and treatment prescription, patients and relatives alike need a sense of compassion when dealing with patient care, in and out of the hospital.


An after hours GP near me should be knowledgeable

Parents of children or caregivers of sick, elderly people call a home doctor service because they do not know what else to do to alleviate the discomfort their loved one, relative, or patient is feeling. They would say, ‘As an after-hours GP near me, he should be knowledgeable and be able to diagnose and treat a specific problem based on the signs and symptoms a patient demonstrates.’ He should also be on top of the latest advancements or news in the medical field. This trait will make his patients feel at ease that they are under the good hands of a capable and knowledgeable doctor.


An after hours GP near me should have a good work ethic

Knowing that someone somewhere needs the medical assistance of a good home doctor, he should be capable of being dedicated and focused on his work. Calls asking for urgent care may come from all over the city or state, so a home doctor should be passionate about his work that he has to have the patience to render service anytime, anywhere.


These are just some of the valuable traits an after-hours doctor should have. Let this list guide you on how to choose a good home visiting doctor service that you may use when the need arises.

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