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What Can A GP After Hours Treat?

For people who experience pain and discomfort in the wee hours of the night, a GP after hours looks like an angel sent from above. They are medical professionals who are treating their patients in the comfort of their homes. Imagine the convenience and proper attention a home doctor can give you if you are the patient in the room. But what medical conditions does a GP after hours treat?

Child safety after hours: Home doctors goal

We all have our good and bad days. We call it a good day when all we did that day ran smoothly, and all our expectations are met. A bad day is, well, when nothing seems to work as planned. So how difficult would it be if children and infants are the ones having a bad...

Traits of an after hours GP near me

Remember that excruciating back pain you had one night years ago that you endured until the next day so that you can let your GP check it out? Or the all-night crying time of your baby that made you rush to the emergency department only to find out that she needed to...

Home doctors service: Who needs it?

Anyone in Australia who needs to see a doctor should be able to avail their services immediately and effectively. There are so many medical clinics in every corner of the country as well as reliable hospitals that are available to you anytime. But what if your GP is...

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