The news about coronavirus is dominating the airwaves, TV news feeds, and online sources. So many countries all over the world have now confirmed that they have COVID-19 patients in isolation and several patients under investigation (PUIs) for the said viral infection. Regulatory associations are updating the public about what to do or not to do in the presence of this public health emergency. Can a home doctor help in these times of crisis? What can a doctor on call do to prevent the spread of a viral infection?


Viral infection: All you need to know

A virus is a microorganism that invades the body like bacteria, parasite, or fungus to cause disease. However, viral infections are different from the diseases that these other microorganisms cause because they can follow a definite and limited course instead of making the disease progress without treatment. Viral infections, therefore, and mostly self-limiting, in that they go away on their own once they run their course without requiring any treatment.


Reproduction and spread

isolation to prevent infection

Bacteria can reproduce on their own, so the spread of the disease can progress if no treatment is given. Viruses, on the other hand, can only reproduce through a host. So, if the patient’s natural interferons were able to defend the body from viral invasion, the disease goes away on their own.



Our body contains different kinds of good bacteria, and only a small percentage of external bacteria can cause diseases. On the other hand, most viruses that we get can cause harm to the body. Unlike bacterial infections that need droplet or direct contact to be infected, viruses can also be transmitted through different ways, direct contact, indirect contact, airborne, foodborne, vector, sexual, and many more.



Antibacterial and other antibiotic treatments target disease-causing bacteria effectively. Viruses, however, will not react to them. Most doctors treat the patient with viral infections symptomatically. This means that the medication to be given depends on the specific symptom that the patient feels (analgesic for pain, decongestant for stuffy nose, antipyretic for fever, etc.). What doctors agree with to prevent future bacterial and viral infections is to undergo vaccinations/immunizations.


Doctor on call services

In situations like a viral infection outbreak such as that of COVID-19, what do you think can a house call doctor can do? They can do a lot, actually.

Let us consider that the viral infection is like that of common colds, flu, or chickenpox. What can a home doctor offer as help when you call their hotline? Here are some of the ways these house call doctors become handy.


They assess your condition in the comfort of your home

medical consultation

One of the common symptoms of flu is body weakness. If you have a viral infection, chances of you getting stuck in bed are high. A home doctor can reach your house and provide medical assistance without you travelling and exerting more energy in getting treatment. Talk about safety and comfort!


You can isolate and reverse isolate

If you feel sick and you still don’t know what caused your symptoms, a doctor can confirm that for you. He can help you isolate yourself so others won’t catch the virus and help you recover through symptomatic medications. On the other hand, if you are not a patient with a viral infection, calling for a home doctor to see you inside your house lessens your exposure to the virus that you can get when you visit a doctor’s clinic or a hospital.


A house call doctor gives complete medical care

In Australia, you can expect that when a doctor on call is dispatched to your house, you will receive the necessary attention and treatment that you are expecting from a regular consultation. He is equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia to assess, diagnose, and treat your condition, whether it be a viral or bacterial disease. He can also dispense initial doses of your prescribed medication to make you feel better sooner and faster.


A house call doctor gives pertinent advice and recommendations

There are instances when your mind is so engulfed with so many questions pertaining to a related condition that you have. You can be sure that a Melbourne doctor on call can have all the reliable information that you need in order to address your issues. They are board-certified and licensed professionals, so they are equipped with the knowledge and experience to give your advice and recommendation on how to prevent the spread of viral infection, for instance.

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